Charged with DUI?

We have recently achieved excellent results for many clients who were facing serious drink driving charges.

Drink driving is treated very seriously by the Courts, which can impose hefty penalties including:

  • fines of $1100 to $5500,
  • disqualification from 6 months to 5 years, and imprisonment up to 5 years.

The actual penalties vary depending on whether the offence is low, medium or high range, and whether it is a first or second offence.


Recent results for Shire Legal clients

We recently acted for a senior executive with a high profile public company who was facing low range drink drive charges.  After preparing his case carefully (which included the completion of a Traffic Offender Intervention Program, and obtaining several good references), we made detailed written and oral submissions to the Court dealing with the statutory provisions under the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act, and the effect a conviction would have on his employment.

This client achieved an excellent result which included the Court not imposing a conviction provided the client is of good behaviour for 6 months. We also kept his case out of the media. Needless to say this client was very pleased with this result.

We also assisted a client who was facing a high range drink drive charge, and to make matters worse, this was his second offence of this nature. This client was facing a custodial sentence.

We identified some mental health issues and sent him to be assessed and treated, and we tendered a medical report to the Court. In a very pleasing result the Court agreed with our detailed written and oral submissions, and decided to allow this client one more chance, provided he continue with his treatment. The Court handed down a modest fine, imposed a good behaviour bond and disqualified him from driving for 5 years.

Good preparation, and an understanding of the client’s subjective factors, is what is required to obtain the best possible result in Court for drink driving offences.


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