Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2013

There is a lot of interest regarding the proposed rezoning of the Sutherland Shire, pursuant to the newly drafted Sutherland Shire Local Environmental Plan 2013.

The key topics arising under the draft LEP include:

  • the foreshore building line will be indicated as a line on a map, rather than being indicatively mapped (as is presently the case under the 2006 LEP).  Only limited development is permitted within the foreshore area.
  • there will be density controls on areas at risk of bushfire – this will be achieved by prohibiting vulnerable developments (such as child care centres, retirement villages, schools and medium density housing) and otherwise limiting permissible uses in those areas.
  • there will be an increased ability to build dual occupancy properties (e.g. the restrictions on permissible lot widths and lot sizes have been relaxed)
  • minimum lot sizes for future development have also been relaxed (e.g. minimum lot sizes for villas, townhouses, residential flat buildings and senior housings have been totally removed, and instead, Council will consider each proposal on its merits, having regard to the neighbourhood)
  • permissible height limits of buildings have increased, to facilitate Council’s housing strategy
  • different floor space ratios may be applied for different locations within the same zone.  The Council will consider an alternative floor space ratio where significant public space or benefit results from the development.
  • minimum landscaped area requirements vary between 10% and 40%, depending on the zone, type and intensity of development.
  • with waterfront development, Council has sought a balance between protecting and enhancing the scenic and environmental qualities of the waterways and meeting residents’ reasonable expectations to develop their land.

Once Council has finished considering the 1,300 submissions on the latest version of the LEP, a final version of the plan will be forwarded to the State Government for finalisation.

Please contact Melissa Lammers, Solicitor Director, on 9526 3444 or if you have any questions.


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