Shire Legal welcomes Kimberley Glissan

Shire Legal is proud to announce that Kimberley Glissan has joined its team of lawyers.


Kimberley is an experienced senior lawyer with a strong background in complex litigation.  She brings a combination of legal skill and commercial and business experience to Shire Legal, having had 19 years’ involvement in law as well as previous business experience in the U.S.A. in commercial management and publishing for international corporations and in the cruise industry.

Accordingly, she understands the requirements of small and large business clients.  She has experience in negotiating and litigating contracts, alternative dispute resolution of commercial disputes, as well as construction and administrative law.  She has detailed knowledge of the law of wills and estates and a continuing interest in Elder Law.

Personally, she is careful and compassionate and enjoys working to ensure her clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Kimberley has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wollongong, and is currently studying a Masters of Applied Law with the College of Law, in the area of Wills, Probate and Estate Planning.

Kimberley can be contacted on 02 9526 3444 or by email


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